For first time orders, you'll need to go through the registration process by creating a new account. You can either select private registration or business registration.
— Start by placing items into the shopping cart.
— To checkout click the shopping cart icon, then click 'show cart'. If you haven't yet done so, follow the steps to register or log in. Enter your billing and shipping address, then proceed to payment options.
— Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email and we will process the order within 1 working day. Please note that we require the payment to be finanlised before we can ship the goods.
  You will receive a Tax Invoice via email once we have processed the order. This email will also include information regarding the shipping of the goods.
To place an order or to get an online quotation for shipping estimates you need to register your billing and delivery details.
The minimum order quantity is 1 item. An item can come in either box, pack or sleeve form. We cannot break sleeves, but if the product has a sleeve quantity advertised you only need to order one at a time. The shipping will be reflected on the weight and volume to the postcode you are shipping to.
Yes, we offer sample packs. The majority of the sample products are free however some products, depending on size, may incur a charge. We charge for shipping which will vary depending on which shipping method you choose. 
Please use the enquiry form and we will respond with the sample procedure. 
The most common reason for not receiving correspondence from us is your emails are being delivered to your spam or junk mail inbox.  If you have entered your email address incorrectly all correspondence will be undeliverable. Please contact us if you think you may have incorrectly entered the wrong address or haven't received any correspondence.
We try to reuse boxes wherever possible, so please do not be alarmed if you receive a parcel that has a different product mentioned on the outside of the box. We may also mix combinations of different items into a single box, so make sure to check all boxes on delivery.
Composting refers to the process of producing compost through aerobic decomposition of biodegradable organic matter. Please refer to our introductory article on home and commercial composting, as well as which products and materials are compostable. The article can be found here.