Disclaimer, Product Liability Statement

Greenssy issue the following statement about claims of compostability and biodegradability of their products:

General Statement

Greenssy source products from manufacturers who we trust work in accordance to international standards and regulations. Raw materials are sourced from suppliers who provide evidence of the suitability for the intended purpose, which is mainly the direct and or indirect contact with food. Our personal aim is that the products we sell cause minimum harm to the environment. This can be displayed in different ways, and could be through savings of energy or raw materials during manufacture, or through alternative forms of disposal like composting and minimisation of residues after disposal.

We see claims of compostablility advertised by many suppliers, and acknowledge that there may be a marketing advantage by advertising a product as beeing compostable. At Greenssy we believe that there are a number of other factors which can make a product more eco-friendly than others and compostability is only one of these factors. Greater part of disposable products still end up in landfill and never make it to a composting facility. In this case it would be better to reduce the amount of waste created in the first place.

The fact that the raw material is made from annually renewable resources and uses less energy to produce than conventional plastics still classifies this as a sustainable product for us, however we would like to see the product improved without the plastic content.

Further research is needed to proof long term bio-degradability under landfill conditions and the environmental effect of widespread use of starch based polymers such.

The introduction of sustainable packaging products is still in its infant stage no matter how often the words "bio", "sustainable" and "natural" are used in relation with the slogan that you may "save the world" by buying someones products.

The introduction of new degradable materials has started and by buying "sustainable products the consumer assists the process of making sustainability more mainstream and affordable for everybody!

Long term this may help the environment, short term it is also a way to show to your customer "You care!